Decoration Services


Decoration Services

Appliqué Twill


Appliqué Twill is a technique where polyester twill designs can be directly sewn onto a variety of fabric types. 


Appliqué twill is a popular decoration method used by many retail brands and professional sports apparel. 


Clients can choose between multiple styles of appliqué twill, including rubber, vintage and woven. 


Popular products to decorate with appliqué twill includes hoodies, jackets and jerseys. 

Decals Print


Think giant stickers that make a giant promotional impact. Detailed, multi-colour designs, logos, photos and words can be printed as decals to be put on signs, doors, windows and cars.


Decal Signage is a guaranteed way to get your brand seen. Due to its versatility and wide range of use, decals can be put almost anywhere to be seen by everyone. 


Decals are a great marketing option for golf tournaments, trade shows, charity events and corporate conferences. 


Some popular products include retractable banners, corrugated plastic signs, car stickers, car wraps, and tents.

Digital Print


Digital printing is a process where inkjet printers are used to develop durable, clear and impressionable prints on promotional materials.  


Digital printing is a great option for logos with many colours and offers an easy and powerful way to personalize your promotional products. 


Digital printing offers clients the opportunity to have full colour printing on the entire surface. 


Popular products to use digital printing on includes USB’s, travel mugs and apparel.


Embroidery is a timeless technique, where needle and thread is used to decorate your favourite apparel and accessories with your brand’s logos and custom text. 


A classic and timeless way of personalizing promotional products, embroidery is a great decoration option for its durability, quality and versatility. 


Embroidery offers the unique option to add extra depth and dimension to your design through 3D Puff technique. 


Popular products to have embroidered include hats, polos, jackets and polyester products.

Laser Printing


Laser printing is a process where a laser beam ‘draws’ high quality text and photos upon a drum using electrical charges.


Laser printing is ideal for subtle branding designs and does not puncture the garment. 


Some unique features that laser printing offers is a unique tone-on-tone look and can be used on almost any part of the garment - even zippers! 


Popular products to decorate with laser printing includes polyester polos and soft shell jackets. 

Screen Printing


Screen printing is a technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto fine material to create a photo, pattern or word. 


Screen printing is the most economically friendly option for custom promotional products especially if you are looking for multicoloured products or a distressed look and feel. 


Some unique features available with screen printing is the use of metallic ink, glow in the dark ink, numbering and names. 


Popular products to have screen printed include t-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton and polyester products.

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