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We will decorate and logo your favourite fabrics with needle and thread.

Why: Embroidery has the perceived value and will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

Features: 3D Puff available by request.

Products: : Hats, polos, jackets, cotton and polyester products



Screen Printing

This is a printing technique where mesh is used to transfer ink onto fine material to create a photo, pattern or word.

Why: This is the most economic option especially if you are looking for multicoloured quantities or a distressed look and feel.

Features: Metallic, glow in the dark, numbering and names all available.

Products : T-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton and polyester products



Applique Twill

Using polyester twill designs can be directly sewn onto a variety of fabric types. Applique twill is found across majority of retail brands and professional sports

Features: You can choose from rubber, vintage or woven.

Products: Hoodies, jackets and jerseys




Laser Printing is a process where a laser beam ‘draws’ high quality text and photos upon a drum using electrical charges.

Why: Laser is ideal for subtle branding and does not puncture the garment.

Features: Laser offers a unique tone-on-tone look and can literally go anywhere (even on zippers).

Products: Polyester polos and soft shell jackets.



Digital Print

We use inkjet printers to develop durable, clear and impressionable prints on your materials.  

Why: Want to print your logo with loads of colors? This is an easy and sustainable way to powerfully personalize items.

Features: Full color printing on the entire surface.

Products: USB’s, travel mugs and clothing




Stamping a design into the surface area of an object so that it is indented. The image looked recessed or pressed down into the material.

Why: Professional and classic look

Features: Suitable for waterproof products

Products: Leather goods and polyester clothing.



Decals Print

We can place logo’s, photos and words on pretty much any sign you send our way.

Why: Signage ensures that your brand will be seen, whether you are driving down the highway in a car wrap or promoting your team at an event, our signage never goes unnoticed.

Features: Retractable banners, corrugated plastic signs, car stickers, car wraps, tents and more.

Products: Golf Tournaments, Charity Events, Tradeshows and Presentations

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